Interested in trying gliding or learning to fly a glider? You've come to the right place! The Adelaide University Gliding Club welcomes everyone, not just those attending Adelaide Uni. We operate from Stonefield airfield - about 110km north east of Adelaide - most weekends and public holidays.

If you'd like to visit our airfield for an Air Experience Flight or to start your training, just ring or email our contact person on 0412 870 963 or contact@augc.on.net to book in. See the 'Come Gliding!' page for more information on what to expect.

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January 2014 Newsletter (PDF - 1.44Mb)

Flying Saturday 20 May 2017

It was a pleasantly quiet day at the airfield. In the morning work was done on the hangar door bolts and other jobs around the airfield. In the afternoon there were several pleasant soaring flights in among some circuits. The lift dissipated part way through the afternoon and then made a surprise resurgence just in time for a hangar run! Congratulations to James McNeill on (re)soloing after over two years' absence. Bravo!

Flinders Camp

It's time we organized the Flinders camp for 2017. The camp will run from 10-12 June on the long weekend. It seems unlikely the camp will continue further into the week as it has done in some previous years. Please indicate your intention to come along to the camp and what aircraft you'd like to fly. A decision needs to be made on which tug aircraft we request. Those intending to fly solo should ensure they are aerotow current. We also need to know how many cars will be heading to the camp with the ability to tow, and what accommodation option would be required. As far as we are aware, Rawnsley Park Station only has some 1 or 2 bedroom units left available that weekend.

TOST Winch Operational

Leigh Stokes completed works on the TOST winch which included:

  • Re-welded front undercarriage frame and added support bracing bars
  • Straightening and re-enforcing rear axle beam
  • Cleaning polycarbonate screens
  • Modifying the spool drum braking system for ease of use and maintainability by fitting new, commonly available master cylinders in the cab with custom brackets and pushrods
  • Engine oil change

The winch performed 22 launches without a problem. It is considered operational however prospective winch drivers need to read the winch's manual which is in the toolbox behind the cab, and seek training from Leigh prior to operation. The winch is not hard to operate but very different and there is easily potential for major damage to the winch, and possibly aircraft, if people get it wrong. There is also increased potential for serious injury while working on the cable system due to the spring loaded guillotine system. We recommend maximum towing speed of 30kph at all times and keep to smooth ground where possible. The Subie field car can tow the winch ok.

Things still to do:

  • Source and fit UHF base station and antenna
  • Modify protective screen cages for ease of cleaning polycarbonate screens
  • Fit lift-able covers to guillotine handles to prevent accidental operation during launch
  • Construct blocks to stop accidental guillotine operation during maintenance or tangle/re-threading cable

Leigh also fitted a new battery to the trailer winch and checked its ignition timing. The winch was started up and appears to run well. This winch will also be operational following the fitment of new flexible fuel lines as the old ones are perishing.

Flying 29 April 2017

If you decided not to go flying this weekend because the weather forecasts sucked, you missed out on some quite pleasant flying! Despite forecast rain for much of the day, there was no rain whatsoever at Stonefield on Saturday, and those of us who were there got nice half-hour soaring flights (other than Leigh, who spent much of the day wrangling the new winch). The moral of this story is: don't believe weather forecasts... well, not 100% anyway. They're a good guide, but many are the times people have headed up to the airfield anticipating dismal flying weather and been pleasantly surprised.

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