Interested in trying gliding or learning to fly a glider? You've come to the right place! The Adelaide University Gliding Club welcomes everyone, not just those attending Adelaide Uni. We operate from Stonefield airfield - about 110km north east of Adelaide - most weekends and public holidays.

If you'd like to visit our airfield for an Air Experience Flight or to start your training, just ring or email our contact person on 0412 870 963 or contact@augc.on.net to book in. See the 'Come Gliding!' page for more information on what to expect.

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February 2014 Newsletter (PDF - 6.90Mb)

Annual Awards 2016

The following awards were presented at the 2016 Annual Dinner on 30 November 2016:
Winch engineers award- Derek Spencer for solving the biggest cable tangle in the history of winch ops anywhere ever.
Wildlife award - Leigh Stokes for the unfortunate wombat encounter on the road out of Stonefield.
Creative Rim award - Sharon and Redmond Quinn for having the PIK trailer wheel and hub part company on the way back from Khancoban 2015.
Can't keep it up award - Derek Spencer for running home from the ridge on a nice wave day at the Flinders 2016.
Keeping it up award - the AUGC airworthiness team for the incredible amount of time put in to getting/keeping the fleet airworthy this year.
Wheels up award - the AUGC as a whole, for suffering total trailer park carnage during severe weather and not learning from previous experiences.
Harley award for the most meritorious XC - Derek Spencer for being the first one game enough to go XC one of the Ka8's
Duncan award for most improved pilot - Ben Carter for solid effort, improvement and safe operation over the last year.

VH GCQ Increased Cockpit Weights

VH GQC has had an increase in cockpit load approved when operating in special category. When operating in “Special Category” Aerobatic manoeuvres except spins are not permitted and a functional G meter must be fitted to the aircraft. Maximum Load Factor in “Special Category” is 3.8g.  If this is accidently exceeded the aircraft must be inspected by a person rated “Component Replacement” or greater for wood/steel tube aircraft before further flight. The aircraft may continue to operate as previously in “Normal Category” with the original pilot weight limits.  The cockpit will be placarded for both Categories. A Specil Category Placard will be fitted to the aircraft

Motorfalke On Line

The motorfalke is on line again and ready for use. Tacho problems are sorted and the fuel bunker is full.

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Weather Forecast
Weather Report - Conditions for Stonefield, as at Mon, 05 Dec 2016 09:30 PM ACDT
Currently 16C
High 22C
Low 12C

Mon Cloudy
High: 22C Low: 12C
Tue Partly Cloudy
High: 23C Low: 11C
Wed Partly Cloudy
High: 30C Low: 12C
Thu Scattered Thunderstorms
High: 25C Low: 13C
Fri Partly Cloudy
High: 18C Low: 11C
Sat Sunny
High: 23C Low: 9C
Sun Sunny
High: 28C Low: 13C
More Current Condition Details
High 22C
Low 12C
Wind Chill 61C
Wind Speed 11.27 kph
Wind Direction 180
Sunrise 5:55 am
Sunset 8:16 pm
Latitude -34.366699
Longitude 139.283295

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