Interested in trying gliding or learning to fly a glider? You've come to the right place! The Adelaide University Gliding Club welcomes everyone, not just those attending Adelaide Uni. We operate from Stonefield airfield - about 110km north east of Adelaide - most weekends and public holidays.

If you'd like to visit our airfield for an Air Experience Flight or to start your training, just ring or email our contact person on 0412 870 963 or contact@augc.on.net to book in. See the 'Come Gliding!' page for more information on what to expect.

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February 2014 Newsletter (PDF - 6.90Mb)

Annual Dinner

The annual dinner will be held at the Hilton Hotel, 264 South Road, Hilton at 6:0pm on Monday 20 October 2014. All welcome.

Bonfire & BBQ

There will be a bonfire & BBQ at Stonefield Airfield on Saturday 25 October 2014 as a last fling for pyromaniacs before the total fire ban commences.

Flying Saturday 27 September 2014

Derek Spencer had a lovely 1 hr 22 minutes in the K13 with Teck Lee, a friend of Cath Conway. They topped out at 8000’ although he estimated that cloud base would have been about 9500’. The average thermal was about 4-5 knots with the better thermals at 6-7 knots. They cruised off towards Blanchetown, then north over the Scouts airfield and then back to Stonefield and as theyhad plenty of height to spare. Derek showed Teck just what a old glider like a K13 could really do. It was fun!

Congratulations to The Baron (aka Kim Van Wessem) for converting to his Cherokee. As it was later in the day, the thermals weren’t cranking like they were earlier in the day, so he only got some extended circuits rather than a nice long soaring flight. There are more summer days on the way and we're sure he’ll be able to enjoy his glider a bit more then.

A big thanks to James McNeill who helped out all day but also plumbed in the washing machine in the toilet / shower area. Great work James!

Flying Saturday 20 September 2014

Thank you to everyone on field on Saturday for pitching in and helping with driving the winch, retrieving gliders and running the launch point.

Initially it seemed like the day was going to be really good but the K13 and the K8 struggled to get away. It wasn’t until later in the afternoon that the K8 and the Pik got away with both reporting tops of 7000’. A big congratulations to Leigh Stokes who made it to Waikerie and back in the Pik. Great effort, well done. Derek Spencer was in the K13 with Darren and got a birds eye view of Leigh’s high speed final glide back to the airfield. Looked great from the air!

Barron Von Wessem (aka Kim) got a nice 2 hour flight in the K8. Also, welcome back to Leigh Killmier who dusted off the cobwebs and got himself back into the K8.

Flying 6 & 7 September 2014

Wow, what a weekend. The weather was fantastic, although Saturday was a little better as it wasn’t quite as windy. Thanks to everyone for helping out each day, particularly Ted for driving the winch on Saturday and Kym Carter for spending the day on the winch on Sunday.

On Saturday, Dennis Medlow decided he needed more familiarization of the Air Force Cadets DG1001 and spent 2 hrs 25 mins doing so. Unfortunately, as he wasn’t flying something a bit better, like the K13, he only topped out at 7500’ as opposed to 7700’ that Kym Zeppel and Derek Spencer got to. The flight Kym and Derek had was magic. They had 1 hour and 37 minutes and timed the flight to perfection as they touched down just as the sun was disappearing behind the hills.

On Sunday, the wind was a bit stronger, gusting 15 – 20 knots from the north, north-east. This meant the thermals were more broken but we were still getting good climbs. The highest Derek got was 6800’ with Ben Carter. The wind meant that they drifted a long way downwind. By the time they climbed to 4000’ or so, theywere south of the hwy but, with good climbs around, getting back into wind wasn’t too difficult. Leigh got flight of the day in the K8 with 2 hours but if he had had a bottle and didn’t have to make a pit stop and re-launch, it would have been 3 hours 20 minutes.

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